About Us

We respect diversity, creativity, and mindfulness.

Does life constantly point you in various directions and you are always uncertain of which way to go?  Does everyone to include yourself expect you to always be clear and strong?  Is the appearance of having it all together with everything in the right place essential to your reputation or your position in life?  The constant pressure of pushing through even when you are barely hanging on has become unbearable.  Especially, when wrestling with empty emotions and self-destructive thoughts has suddenly left you feeling completely defeated.  No longer can you depend on yourself alone to resolve what you consider to be the complexities of your life and you are ready to do something about it.

We believe to address where you are you must confront where you have been.  The answers to your emotional angst, unresolved conflicts, habitual habits and inabilities to cope can be uncovered and you can regain control with support.

We understand that feeling comfortable with your therapy home is most relevant to how you approach your wellness goals. We appreciate your journey to emotional wellness and we are committed to your process.  We look forward to traveling the road to recovery with you.  So, come on in and let’s get started with creating the balance that you desire!

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