Restorative Yoga & Meditation Therapy

This form of therapy is a specialized method of yoga instruction that focuses on yoga for healing physical and mental health issues coincided with mindfulness meditation. Best used with individuals living with complex and/or interpersonal trauma, depression, anxiety, substance abuse and an array of other mental health diagnoses.

Goals of Restorative Yoga & Meditation:

          1. To reduce stress, fatigue, depression and traumatic symptoms
          2. To quite the mind and relax the body by linking physical movement to the rhythm of breathing
          3. To increase stress resilience and contemplative relaxation-based skill set
          4. To reduce emotional angst by learning how to ground, center and calm the mind and body.

What Can Restorative Yoga & Meditation do for You?

          1. Helps you to get beneath the surface of anxiety to identify triggers such as unresolved conflicts or habitual thought patterns.
          2. Learn how to engage relaxation responses during heightened periods of stress
          3. Helps provide physical and mental balance and learn where you hold your stress
          4. Helps you to heal emotional injuries when processing major transitions in your life

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