Rhonda Dickens, LCSWAPsychotherapist

I believe that we all enter the world as a blank slate until facets of life begin to write our stories. Many of our stories have been written by nature vs. nurture, childhood trauma, ineffective coping skills, inability to understand or manage life triggers and overall frustrations with life stressors and pain. I believe, despite what facets of life has written into our stories, with help we can learn not only how to become our best selves but also how to re-write our stories to reflect who we’ve become!

My journey began in several years ago after completing a missions trip in which I learned many children & adults have been surviving off a diet full of pain and given no access to pain medicine in the form of skills to handle the pressures of life.

I work with children, adults and families integrating a client centered approach to care. Let’s discuss how to handle what has been written upon you, your child, or your family while we work together on rebuilding your stories one session at a time!