Valencia Sanders-Davis, LPCPsychotherapist

Today you are one step closer to a new you! At every stage of life everyone goes through transitions as we journey through our personal life experiences. Sometimes situations occur that makes us lose sight of how special we really are. My mission is to support you during times like these. It would be my privilege to join you in your journey. I focus on being a guide in helping you work through problematic life situations while supporting your personal growth towards a better version of you. As a psychotherapist I believe in planting the seed of faith over fear.  

My passion is helping children, young adults and their families in making positive changes to create a stronger unit. Designed to connect and help you develop the skills you need to overcome negative experiences my approach to wellness is playful and creative.

Perhaps a transition has left you feeling overly anxious, easily distracted, overwhelmed and uncertain of what exactly your life direction is or should be. It is time for you to feel better. Your life has a purpose and I look forward to the opportunity to help you write the life narrative that you desire!